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You’re Invited to a NOAH Party!

The 10th annual bowl-a-thon is just weeks away and NOAH members across the country are celebrating with festivities, fellowship and fun. Visit to find an event in your area and get ready to party!

If there’s nothing going on in your area, start your own event! Visit to start your fundraising page, and email so we can help share your event information with the rest of the NOAH community!



We’re almost half way to our goal of having at least one event in every state, help us go all the way! 



NOAH’s 10th Annual Bowl-a-thon is Almost Here!


There’s still time to make sure your state is on the map!


This year, NOAH has issued a challenge, to have at least one bowl-a-thon event in every state from Hawaii to Maine and Alaska to Florida. We’re off to a great start with 20 states already represented, but we need YOUR help to make sure we reach our goal! 

Visit to see some of the awesome events that are already planned. Feeling inspired? Great! Call up your NOAH pals or email to meet some new friends. Go to for planning tips and to start your fundraiser and make sure your state is on the map! NOAH will help you advertise your event to other members in your area.

Join us as we bring NOAH friendship, NOAH support and NOAH magic to all 50 states. 



Join the Nationwide NOAH Party!




 “Each year, our bowl-a-thon is an adventure—we’ve had a different group of people with albinism each year! Maybe this year all of these folks and more will come and we will have a huge NOAH party!”

- Joni V. Milwaukee, WI



Do you want to join in on the fun and festivities? Host an event for NOAH’s 10th annual bowl-a-thon and party with your NOAH pals! Visit to start your fundraiser or email for more information. The bowl-a-thon not only allows NOAH members in the local community to get together, the funds raised also allow NOAH to provide support and services across the country.

Not a bowler? That’s OK! A bowl-a-thon event can be anything you dream up. The options are endless!

Let’s make sure that friendships in the albinism community and NOAH magic spreads to all 50 states.



So far, bowl-a-thon events are being held in 18 states across the country.

Is your state one of them?


Go to to find out!

  • If there is an event in your area, great! Go have a blast with your new NOAH pals!
  • If there isn’t an event in your area, start your own to get your state on the map for the 50-State Challenge! Visit to start your fundraiser or contact for advice on planning your event and fundraising tips.

Bowl-a-thon events not only strengthen the local albinism community, the funds they raise also help NOAH to provide services such as adult weekends, family camps, teleconferences, webinars and regional conferences for members across the country.

Don’t let your state get left behind! The albinism community needs your help to bring NOAH magic to all 50 states!

Bowl-a-thon Event News

Friday, February 20th!
San Antonio's 6th Annual

Details on this and many other great events at!



NOAH's 2015 bowl-a-thon kicked off in Des Plaine, IL last weekend! Share your event pictures with us at!


New! NOAH Bowl-a-thon Gear!
Pre-Order 10th Anniversary or undated NOAH Bowl-a-thon t-shirts
by February 19th at

Youth and Adult Sizes Available

Help NOAH and make a difference at home and across the country

bowling fun

 “Our families are humbled with the generous
support we received from family and friends.”

Dawn M. - St. Peters, MO


Every year, NOAH members who host bowl-a-thon events report that they are amazed by the effect their event had on their local community, but the ripples they create actually reach much farther.

Each event has national impact. Funds raised through every bowl-a-thon help NOAH to provide services, including our adult teleconference and webinar series, family camps, and regional mini conferences, to members of the albinism community across the country.

By hosting a bowl-a-thon for NOAH, you provide the setting for your community to learn more about albinism and for NOAH magic to happen when the albinism community comes together! Visit to start your event page, or, if you have questions, contact for more information. Together, let’s improve the lives of people with albinism in all 50 states.


 “Our family had a great time seeing our old friends and
meeting new ones. We are looking forward to next year.”

Megan S. - Liverpool, NY